Prof. Birkmayer Vet has set itself the goal of producing high-quality dietary supplements for animals, based on stabilized Coenzyme 1 (NADH)

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What is Coenzyme 1?

What is NADH or coenzyme 1?

NADH is the abbreviation for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, The “H” stands for high-energy hydrogen, pointing out that this substance may be present in the most biologically active form.

Nicotinamide Ndenine Dinucleotide is a naturally occurring biological substance.

Often referred to as coenzyme 1, NADH coenzyme is the most important of the body, a supporter numerous biological reactions.

NADH is necessary for the development and cellular energy production. It allows the conversion of food into energy, and is the principal electron transporter in the energy-producing processes in the body’s cells.

NADH is also an important antioxidant; Scientists actually confirm that NADH is the most powerful antioxidant to protect cells from damage by harmful substances. Briefly: NADH is a very potent form of vitamin B3, generally referred to as niacin or nicotinamide.

Coenzyme 1 (NADH), the most important of all coenzymes is vital for energy production in the body’s cells. Deficiency of coenzyme 1 manifests itself in mental and physical fatigue and tiredness. With the increased demand for energy in our day and age of the food supplied and produced in the body cells themselves share usually is not enough. Possible consequences are fatigue, tiredness, listlessness, ….

Even small amounts of additionally supplied coenzyme 1 (NADH) can compensate for the lack of energy back and take care of vitality and freshness.

Coenzyme 1 (NADH) to support health and well being.

Coenzyme 1 is an energy-transferring molecule, ie it transfers hydride, a special form of hydrogen with excess electrons. Cells get more energy in the form of an extra electron, are more efficient and work better. Coenzyme 1 is therefore a real energy booster.

NADH is the most important co-factor in more than 1,000 metabolic reactions in the human organism.

The most important ones are summarized again:

  • NADH increases ATP energy production in every cell
  • NADH repairs DNA altered and damaged cells
  • NADH is a powerful antioxidant

Conclusion: The more coenzyme 1 (NADH) is in the body’s cells are available, the more efficient they are. That The more energy the body can produce, the better this!

NADH (nicotinamide adenine Dinokleotid hybrid), the coenzyme form of B3. NADH reacts with the oxygen in the cells and generates energy and water. Thus it plays a crucial role in the energy production of the cell. Scientific studies have shown that NADH demonstrably produces an energy-enhancing effects in physical exhaustion.

Based from these findings specific NADH formulations for animals were developed.

The Prof. Birkmayer Vet GmbH is at the effectiveness and safety of the raw material choice (Roche Diagnostics) and the careful processing of its brand-name products not compromise. The products are manufactured in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Animal Feed Regulation. Each of our products undergoes numerous tests before it enters the trade and therefore are products of the highest quality, optimum efficiency and perfect compatibility guarantees.

To meet our concession to health and vitality of the animals, our formulations include free of allergens and contain no preservatives.

To ensure the high quality of our products even after production even further, only packaging materials are used whose protective effects are confirmed and manufacturer certified to light, heat and humidity in the application.

The products of Prof. Birkmayer Vet GmbH are available both veterinarians and by mail order.